Dermalogica skin care products are researched and developed

by The International Dermal Institute and are used in all our

facial treatments.

Pro Power Peel Facial £60

The peel process is designed to accelerate cell renewal and cell turnover, to improve skin appearance and texture. From fine lines and wrinkles to acne, breakouts and hyper-pigmentation, chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address these changes. 

The all-new Pro Power Peel is our strongest and fastest ever, which enables us to professionally tailor every treatment to our client's skin concerns. We create bespoke peels that are perfectly suited to each client's needs. 

Dermalogica's ProSkin treatments allow us to design a fully personalised experience - a customised treatment built around your unique lifestyles, schedules and skin concerns.
Available in 30 minute and 60 minute treatments. 

ProSkin 30 Facial £30.00

Consultation, Dermalogica double cleanse and face mapping. A customised treatment designed by your expert therapist to suit your skin type using prescribed Dermalogica products. Ideal for maximising impact in minimum time, targeting specific skin concerns.  
Suitable for problematic teenage skin or as a pick-me-up booster for all skin conditions.

ProSkin 60 Facial £50.00

 A customised treatment designed by your expert therapist to suit your skin type, using prescribed Dermalogica advanced products, techniques & technology to increase product penetration and boost efficacy. 

 Consultation, Dermalogica Double Cleanse, Face Mapping, Resurfacing, Extractions, Touch Therapy and Deep Treatment (electrical) with recommended home-care advice.

75 Minute Luxury Combination Facial & Back Massage £70.00
This treatment is a luxury combination of a relaxing back massage and a therapeutic facial treatment.

Non-Surgical Face Lift £50.00

Reduce the signs of ageing with this non-invasive facial

treatment that uses micro-current technology. This treatment

lifts, firms and tones facial muscles, reduces the appearance of

fine lines, improves skin texture and tightens enlarged pores. It

allows for superior penetration of products to suit different skin


A course of 10 treatments £450.00

A course of 6 treatments £270.00